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Einfach mal blau machen: blauer Elefant aus hübsch gewebtem Stoff Die Pobblewobs von Jellycat haben, anders als ihre plüschigen Kameraden, eine gewebte, tweedartige Oberfläche. Trotzdem sind sie super zum Kuscheln, Spielen und Liebhaben geeignet. Der hübsche, blaue Elefant mit den großen Ohren, dem stilechten Rüssel und den schönen Stoßzähnen macht es sich in seiner entspannten Pose im Kinderzimmer, auf dem Sofa oder im Regal gemütlich. Ein chilliger Kumpel für Jung & Alt!

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I Met, Fought and Defeated Rejection: A Despera...
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Do you know what rejection looks like? Oh, You´ve felt it, but have you seen it? It will vary in appearance depending on the recipient. I want to show you something. The sun was done for the day, yet there I sat on the sofa with no light on. ´´Turn on some lights!´´ I would always yell at my daughter. ´´You will hurt your eyes!´´ But I could care less about light as I buried my hands in my face, tears trickling between my fingers onto the laptop. I´m done. I was overwhelmed. I was frustrated. I was defeated. I had succumb to the cruel beatdown from rejection for the last time. I felt stupid. Who was I to think someone would buy this expensive membership, let alone join my team. I mean, I bought his product when he scammed me. Wait a second. The membership was actually a steal and the perks for being on the team were 10x worth more than the initial signup fee... I hadn´t been scammed by Tim either. I liked the deal he was offering and made my purchase. Reality hit me like a brick wall. Why whenever I spoke: no one listened! Didn´t they understand I had to make money to leave the rat race and get home to my family! I Met, Fought, and Defeated Rejection is a Confession of Desperation from an Online Marketing Mom who turned pain into a Win Win Strategy that every entrepreneur will want in his/her arsenal. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Susan Bythewood Russel. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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