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Morvelo Women's World Tour Short Sleeve Tee  - XL
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Morvelo Women's World Tour T-ShirtThe Morvelo Women's World Tour T-Shirt is wonderfully comfortable for a day of relaxation. However, if you're enjoying more strenuous activities than slouching on the sofa, its quick-drying, moisture-wicking performance is a winner too. While your standard cotton t-shirt is a classic, it's not that great for more demanding activities, which is where the Women's World Tour Short Sleeve Tee comes in. It combines the softness and comfort of cotton with a wicking technical material that ensures that sweat doesn't hang around when you're getting active. It rapidly dries too and with a built-in odour resistance, you're not going to be the one causing a stink after a bike session.Features:Materials: 50% Cotton, 50% PolyesterDries 4x quicker than normal cottonBuilt-in Freshguard to resist odourNo harmful chemicalsPre-shrunkTwin stitched for durabilityBuy Morvelo Clothing from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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